Territory & Principe

Land Sale Guidelines
Notice of Administrative Changes

Latar Territory & Principe, located on the Lamu Archipelago, East Africa, is for sale. An international contract for the purchase of Latar will be considered.


Latar's neighbor nations, including Somalia, have filed no complaints against us to date. Tampering of official electronic state communications has been evidenced, resulting in a breach of faith with the government of the United States of America. Due to this tampering, we apologize to those businesses or nations affected, who may not know or accept how sinister some elements of the world can be.

Any interested party should now send standard postal exchanges to:
Latar Media
Box 780
Oneco, Florida 34264
United States of America


Any response should include the following information:
Name of Nation or Company
Corporate Banking Contact



Historical Timeline of Latar Territory

An outline of the events leading up to the sale of lands, creation, and the on-going history of Latar State

Please note that spelling, particlarly with regard to names, varies greatly throught our region. When possible, alternate spellings will appear between ( ) .


British East Africa originally owned the land encompassing Latar to the equator, then known as the Kenyan territory.


Traded with Italy in the region south of the equator, Italy gave region to Somalia in 1965 in a reformation deal Kenya had no involvement in.


Somali government fails, loses Somaliland and Punt-land, and results in general chaos of the whole of Somalia. Civil war ensues when leaders desert their posts.


East African Land Company pte. sought and purchased 2 parcels of land each; Approximately 80 square miles including Ocean from the The Chief of the political affairs of Jubbada Hoose and Bajuni people.

Mohamed Ismail Barkale (Maxamed Ismaacil Barakaale), Chairman and Elder of the Bajuni People (View for listing) formally petitions IGAD for the rights and consideration of the Bajuni people (see document on this page).

Peace talks take place for the 14th time since the collapse of the Somali state in 1991. Delegates to the talks include Latar Signatories (193.) Mohamed Ismail Barkale (Maxamed Ismaacil Barakaale), Chairman and Elder of the Bajuni People and (83.) Hon. Ali Mohamed Faqay, Chairman and Political Leader of the Bravan Community.


The United States Department of State was given Buur-uusa to hold for security reasons, and they have desk filed the return of it, as well as our requests. Over a dozen requests have been made.


Hon. Ali Mohamed Faqay authors and signs confirmation that the TNG can work on the development of Latar State, the land sold in the deed CUDAJO88.

The Opec map showed our Land and Ocean is in the Oil Basin called Lamu embayment, near in its center. Canada is drilling near by and due west of our position. East African Land Company may be contacted thru Latar.


On February 12, Senator James Imhofe introduced U.S. Senate Resolution 77, which expressed U.S. support for the Transitional Federal Government of the Somali Republic.

The first Latar Territory web site was launched on the world wide web. Latar's Territorial Administrators have made contact via phone, fax, mail, and print documentation in support of the legally purchased property to the following countries/organizations: US, UK, UN, World Court of Justice, Kenya, Somalia, as well as many other countries and commercial interests.


Currency of Latar: a bond based on a square Kilometer of Land inside Latars’ Borders. President Wheeler issued 21 Million USD equivalent in these Bonds.

K.J. McInerney is designated Emir II


Latar's land area is valued at the US equivalent of 33 million dollars.

The Latar Territory remains intact, with no formal or informal complaint files against it.

Due to ongoing wars and unrest in the region, a broader security/defense program was approved by Territorial Administrators.


Territorial Administrators direct that this website be created to more fully document and archive the people, events and facts of Latar Territory.


Ambassador Sed of Somalia meets with Emir Wheeler of Latar, at the 680 Hotel in city of Nairobi, Kenya.



Email from Library of United Nations

Email from Library of United Nations